Dessert Menu

Kettles Dessert…something sweet


Traditional Apple Pie with creamy custard and whipped cream – g/e/m

Homemade Bread n Butter Pudding with creamy custard and whipped cream – g/e/m

Cheesecake of the Day with freshly whipped cream – g/m

Warm Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream, smothered in chocolate sauce – g/m

Chocolate Fudge Pot with burnt orange and freshly whipped cream – g/m

Irish Whiskey Trifle with flaked chocolate and whipped cream – g/e/m

Meringue Nest filled with cream and mixed berries – e/m

Profiteroles topped with chocolate sause – g/e/m/n

Allergen Information

G=Gluten L=Lupin E=Egg M=Milk P=Peanut S=Soybean SE=Sesame Seed N=Nuts CL=Celery M=Mustard SD=Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites MO=Molluscs C=Crustacens F=Fish